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What customers say..

I would like to express my appreciation for your team. I have been a customer for 11 years and received wonderful service from all employees. Infact, I have been so happy, I have referred ASD to friends, family and also the office that I work with. Whether it was a call for help with my system or for a new install to our new house, you have always been very quick to respond.

In today's society it is hard to find companies that are quick to respond, and I want you to know we appreciate it. I also have to say that with two children, it adds a sense of safety knowing we are protected by ASD. When we moved in July, I really appreciated Mark going over the system with my children. It just makes us all feel safe and secure.
Thank you for being a company we can count on!

Curtis, Jessica, Lauren and Cody Glover
Rowlett, Texas

About American Security Devices

Whether it's fire or burglar alarm system, installation, monitoring or maintenance, American Security Devices is a one stop company for all your security needs. Founded in 1988, ASD has grown to service over 300 cities in Texas.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction has established ASD's reputation as being one of the most respected custom alarm companies in Texas.

What makes us different?

1. One stop vendor for all your security needs

Whether it's burglar or fire, residential or commercial, simple or highly custom - we are ready to address all your security needs. Our array of customers ranges from families and individuals to large corporations, from retail shops and restaurants to industrial buildings and government facilities. What does this mean to you as a customer?
  • Save money. Since security infrastructure and equipment could potentially be reused for multiple purposes or put together into a cost-effective package, you will save money by working with us.
  • Save time and avoid the frustration you will typically experience when trying to resolve an issue between multiple vendors. With ASD there is only one number to dial should you run into trouble with your equipment, have a support question or simply need some advice. Our knowledgeable support staff will answer your phone call 24/7 and will be happy to help you.

  • 2. Live phone support around the clock - any day, any time

    Your safety and comfort is our number one priority. Any time you call us - we pick up the phone. We don't forward you to a voicemail. We are always there to provide help when you need it.

    3. Serving Texans for over 25 years!

    We have over 25 years of experience of providing Texas businesses and homes with security and protection. Many of our customers have been with us from the very begining. We strive for long-term relationships and complete satisfaction of our customers. We take the time to evaluate your needs and objectives and design a complete loss prevention solution that encompasses all aspects of your safety and security.

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